The Company

Neuro Health Therapy is the website for Telos Neuro Health, that delivers powerful clinical answers through PrTMS.  PrTMS is an innovative therapeutic approach that is designed to correct brainwave disruptions, personalize TMS delivery for each patient, incorporate analysis of patient biometric data to construct an image of neuronal communication activity and allow for the creation of a neuromodulation plan tailored specifically to each patient.

Project Highlights

In response to the client’s request for a new WordPress website for their specialized PrTMS (Personalized Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) treatment center, we provided a comprehensive plan to deliver an  online platform that effectively conveys the center’s unique services and benefits. Here’s an overview of our project:

Strategic Conceptualization: Our project began with a thorough understanding of the client’s specialized PrTMS treatment center. We collaborated closely to identify key objectives, target audience, and the distinctive value proposition of their services.

Customized Design: We crafted a visually compelling and informative design that reflects the cutting-edge nature of PrTMS treatment. The design elements were tailored to evoke trust, professionalism, and a sense of hope for potential patients seeking innovative treatment options.

Educational Content: Recognizing the importance of educating visitors, we developed comprehensive and easily understandable content that explains the science, benefits, and process of PrTMS treatment. This content aimed to empower visitors with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.

Patient Success Stories: To showcase real-world outcomes, we incorporated patient success stories and testimonials. These narratives added a human touch, demonstrating the center’s effectiveness in improving patients’ lives.

User-Centric Experience: We prioritized user experience by designing an intuitive navigation structure. Visitors could easily explore different treatment options, learn about the center’s approach, and access resources that address their queries.

Appointment Scheduling: We integrated a user-friendly appointment scheduling system to facilitate seamless booking for interested patients. This feature offered convenience and accessibility, encouraging potential patients to take the next step.

Responsive Design: Understanding the prevalence of mobile browsing, we ensured that the website was responsive across devices. This allowed patients to access information and schedule appointments conveniently from their smartphones or tablets.

Visual Assets: Compelling visuals, including images, videos, and graphics, were used strategically to explain the treatment process, showcase the treatment center’s facilities, and highlight the positive impact of PrTMS treatment.

Compliance and Privacy: Recognizing the importance of patient confidentiality and compliance with healthcare regulations, we ensured that the website adhered to privacy standards and displayed the necessary disclaimers.

Results: The culmination of our efforts was a new website for the PrTMS treatment center that effectively communicated its specialized services. The platform provided a user-friendly experience, empowering potential patients with information and a seamless way to initiate their journey towards improved health and well-being.

In summary, our project successfully delivered a specialized WordPress website for the PrTMS treatment center. Through thoughtful design, engaging content, and user-centric features, we created a digital property that educates, inspires, and facilitates connections between the treatment center and individuals seeking innovative solutions for their well-being.


Focus Areas

WordPress, Site Speed, ADA Compliance, CRM integration

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