The Company

Cashifi is an online business loan marketplace. Cashifi provides a network to business owners who are in the market for all types of business financing. Through our services, business owners can compare lenders and product types that best fit their business. Cashifi provides a platform for lenders to compete for your business.

Project Highlights

For the project, the client’s specific request was to create a new website that prominently showcases their funding options and introduces their company. The client’s vision was to achieve a welcoming and reputable online presence that effectively conveys their services and brand identity.

Our approach included:

Strategic Page Structure: We meticulously designed the website with a clear and concise structure across key pages. Each page was crafted to serve a distinct purpose: introducing the company, highlighting funding options, and facilitating contact.

Visual Design: Keeping in line with the client’s desire for a welcoming look, we implemented a modern and minimalist design approach. The design elements were carefully chosen to exude professionalism and create a lasting impression.

Prominent Funding Options: The heart of the website was the dedicated page that showcased the various funding options offered by the company. We emphasized each option’s benefits and features through a combination of compelling visuals and descriptive content.

Custom WordPress Theme: To meet the client’s requirements for a strong and distinct online presence, we developed a custom WordPress design. This allowed us to tailor every design element and functionality to perfectly match the client’s preferences and objectives.

User-Centric Experience: Understanding the importance of user engagement, we prioritized a user-centric approach. We ensured intuitive navigation, fast loading times, and responsive design across devices, providing visitors with a smooth and enjoyable browsing experience.

Call-to-Action Emphasis: To encourage visitor interaction, we strategically placed clear and compelling calls-to-action throughout the website. Whether it was for exploring funding options or reaching out for inquiries, these CTAs guided users toward their intended actions.

Contact Facilitation: Recognizing the significance of customer engagement, we incorporated a user-friendly contact form and prominently displayed contact information. This made it convenient for potential clients to get in touch, fostering direct communication.

Results: The final outcome was a polished website that not only met the client’s sleek and strong aesthetic preferences but also effectively fulfilled their objectives. The website successfully highlights the company’s funding options, introduces their new endeavor, and provides a platform for potential clients to connect.

In summary, we brought the client’s vision to life by crafting a new website that elegantly showcased their funding options and introduced their new company. Through meticulous design, strong branding, and a user-focused approach, we achieved a sleek online presence that aligns perfectly with the client’s brand and goals.


Focus Areas

WordPress, Site Speed, CRM integration, Extended Forms

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