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My Place Group is a leading local real estate company with a robust portfolio of residential and commercial properties in Northeast Ohio’s most desirable neighborhoods, including The Hiatus in Beachwood. My Place Group provides a broad range of services including land development, property rehabilitation and remodeling, luxury apartment leasing and real estate sales, and property management.

Project Highlights

In response to the client’s project request to create a new website that effectively showcases their residential property “The Hiatus” in Beachwood, a highly desirable neighborhood in Northeast Ohio, we successfully developed a comprehensive digital solution to meet their leasing goals. Here’s a summary of our project:

Strategic Website Development:  The primary objective was to provide potential tenants with a captivating virtual experience of the property “The Hiatus.”

Property Highlights: Understanding the importance of highlighting key features, we designed the website to prominently showcase “The Hiatus.” From the apartment units to the amenities and surroundings, each aspect was carefully depicted through a blend of captivating visuals and informative content.

Location Emphasis: Recognizing the allure of the neighborhood, we dedicated a section of the website to spotlight Northeast Ohio’s most desirable neighborhood, Beachwood. By providing insights into the local attractions, conveniences, and lifestyle, we created a compelling case for potential residents.

Leasing Information: To fulfill the client’s goal of leasing available apartment units, we integrated their property management software for comprehensive leasing information. This included floor plans, unit availability, rental pricing, and lease application details, enabling seamless communication between potential tenants and property management.

Engaging Visuals: Visual appeal played a significant role in our approach. We employed high-quality images, interactive tours, and videos to offer an immersive view of the property’s interiors, exteriors, and amenities.

Responsive Design: In a mobile-first digital landscape, we ensured that the website was responsive across various devices. This guaranteed that users could explore and engage with the property’s details effortlessly, whether they were on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

User-Friendly Navigation: Intuitive navigation was prioritized to provide a smooth and enjoyable browsing experience. Clear menu structures, strategically placed calls-to-action, and logical pathways guided visitors through the website seamlessly.

Leasing Inquiries: We streamlined the process for potential tenants to express interest in leasing. Clear and accessible contact information and inquiry forms facilitated direct communication between prospects and property management.

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Results: The end result was a visually appealing, user-friendly website that effectively highlighted “The Hiatus” property. Through immersive visuals, informative content, and seamless navigation, we provided potential tenants with a comprehensive understanding of the property and its surroundings.

In summary, our project successfully realized the client’s objective of creating a new website to spotlight “The Hiatus” property in Beachwood. By combining strategic design, compelling content, and user-centric features, we crafted a digital platform that resonates with potential tenants and facilitates the leasing process.


Focus Areas

WordPress, Site Speed, CRM integration, Entrata

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