The Company

Big Think Capital is a financial services marketplace for small business owners and is in the market of establishing long-term relationships with clients. As of this project, they have arranged funding for 10,000+ business owners totaling over $500 Million.

"We have been working with Meredith and Greenix for years and they are truly amazing. We value Meredith's input and appreciate her consistency and efficiency. She has been a very large part in helping our company succeed!"

Dan Reiver, VP Marketing Big Think Capital

Project Highlights

For this project, our client’s primary goal was to revamp their existing WordPress website to effectively showcase their range of funding options while highlighting their long-standing 5-star reputation as a company. They sought a design that was both user-friendly and a reflection of their strong brand identity.

Here’s a summary of our approach:

Comprehensive Website Redesign: We initiated a comprehensive redesign of the WordPress website to align with the client’s objectives. This encompassed a complete overhaul of the layout, visuals, and user interface to ensure a fresh and modern appearance.

Strategic Funding Focus: Understanding the significance of their funding options, we dedicated a specific section of the website to prominently display each option. Through visually appealing design elements and concise content, we effectively communicated the benefits of each choice.

Reputation Highlight: To emphasize their reputable standing in the industry, we strategically integrated client testimonials, case studies, and recognition badges throughout the website. This approach provided visitors with tangible proof of the company’s credibility and track record.

User-Centric Design: We prioritized user experience by creating an intuitive and easy-to-navigate website structure. Clear menu items, well-organized content, and logical pathways ensured that visitors could easily access information and navigate through the site.

Strong Brand Representation: Keeping the client’s strong brand identity in mind, we meticulously incorporated their logo, color palette, and typography throughout the website. This consistent branding not only reinforced their visual identity but also enhanced overall recognition.

Ease of Use: In line with the client’s request for an easy-to-use website, we streamlined the user journey and simplified interactions. From concise and engaging content to straightforward contact forms, every aspect was designed to enhance usability.

Responsive Design: Recognizing the significance of mobile browsing, we implemented a responsive design. This ensured that the website provided an optimal experience on various devices, maintaining its functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Seamless Contact Integration: Facilitating communication was a priority. We integrated accessible contact options, such as a visible contact form and prominent contact details, allowing visitors to effortlessly reach out for inquiries.

Results: The end result was a revamped WordPress website that effectively highlighted the client’s funding options and conveyed their 5-star reputation. The user-friendly interface and cohesive brand representation combined to create an impactful digital presence.

Our project achieved the client’s goals by delivering a revamped WordPress website that puts their funding options and reputable image at the forefront. The fusion of user-centric design, strong branding, and easy usability has resulted in a digital platform that aligns seamlessly with the client’s vision and objectives.


Focus Areas

Site Speed, CRM integration, Privacy, Card Templates, WordPress

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