The Company

Caught in Southie is South Boston’s neighborhood magazine that celebrates South Boston and all it has to offer from beaches and historic landmarks to old school spots and new + trendy restaurants!    Caught in Southie has been the number one source for neighborhood news for over a decade. Through creating meaningful content, Caught in Southie reports on all things South Boston keeping readers connected to the neighborhood. Over 125K engaged readers from the community visit their website per month for the latest news and updates.  They offer partnerships ranging from display advertising, email marketing, sponsored content, property listings, social media and giveaways, and event partnerships for companies and brands looking to reach our audience.

Project Highlights

In response to the client’s request for a revamped website for their South Boston Magazine, with a focus on easy content management and the implementation of an ad server to manage their ad network, we successfully executed a comprehensive digital transformation. Here’s an overview of the project:

Strategic Redesign: Our project commenced with a strategic redesign of the South Boston Magazine website. We aimed to enhance its visual appeal, user-friendliness, and overall functionality to cater to both readers and advertisers.

User-Centric Experience: We prioritized user experience by creating an intuitive and easy-to-navigate website structure. Clear menu items, engaging content categories, and a logical layout facilitated seamless browsing for readers.

Content Management System (CMS): To empower the client with easy content management, we implemented a robust CMS. This allowed the client’s team to effortlessly add, edit, and update content, ensuring the website remains current and engaging.

Responsive Design: Recognizing the significance of mobile responsiveness, we ensured that the revamped website provided an optimal viewing experience across devices, from desktop computers to smartphones.

Ad Server Integration: To streamline ad management, we integrated a powerful ad server solution. This enabled the client to efficiently manage their ad network, including scheduling, tracking, and optimizing ad placements.

Customizable Advertising Spaces: We designed the website with customizable ad spaces that seamlessly blend with the site’s aesthetics. These spaces were strategically placed to optimize visibility and engagement.

Ad Network Management: The implemented ad server allowed the client to easily manage ad campaigns, monitor performance, and make data-driven decisions to enhance the effectiveness of their ad network.

Monetization Strategy: Leveraging our expertise, we collaborated with the client to develop a monetization strategy that maximized revenue potential while maintaining a positive user experience.

Training and Support: We provided comprehensive training to the client’s team on content management, ad server usage, and other website functionalities. This ensured they were equipped to manage the platform effectively.

Results: The outcome was a revamped South Boston Magazine website that seamlessly merged user-friendly content management with efficient ad network management. The new design, enhanced functionality, and easy-to-use tools collectively provided readers with a captivating experience and advertisers with a platform to effectively showcase their products and services.

In summary, our project successfully achieved the client’s objectives by delivering a revamped South Boston Magazine website with easy content management capabilities and a seamlessly integrated ad server. Through strategic design, technological implementation, and client empowerment, we transformed the website into a dynamic hub for readers and advertisers alike.  We have since launched two more neighborhoods with additional locations scheduled.


Focus Areas

Site Speed, ADA Compliance, Ad Server Integration, Ad Server Setup, WordPress

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