The Most Complete Manual Citation Audit

Citations are a big deal to local SEO. But with hundreds of directories out there, do you know where you stand?  What citations do you have, what are you missing, and what citations are incorrect? With hundreds of citation sites out there, we’re here to help with a complete citation audit.


For local ranking power, citations are kind of a big deal. These little profiles, each containing your Name, Address and Phone number (NAP) have a powerful cumulative effect on your rankings. When they’re correct, they can make you the king of the pack. The local pack.

Citations matter for ranking in local search but, what about incorrect or inconsistent citations? What happens when the name is wrong, or the address and phone numbers are out-of-date? That’s when you see the reverse effect. Your rankings plunge as you’re forced to compete against your own listings. Your sales will soon follow if your customers are being sent to the wrong locations or calling the wrong numbers. With hundreds of citation sites out there, hunting down the bad ones is frustrating and time consuming.

We’re here to help with a complete citation audit.

The Local Audit

  • Complete Citation Audit
  • NAP Variations Check
  • Existing Correct Citations
  • Incorrect Citations
  • Aggregator Citations
  • In-depth Report


With the GreenixMedia Local Citation Audit, we’ll manually scour the web to find exactly where you stand and deliver an in-depth report with:

GreenixMedia vs The Competition

Feature Local SEO Citation Audit 1 Competition
Manually Confirm Input Data
NAP variations search
Automated Citation Search
Manual searches for correct citations
Manual searches for incorrect variations
Discover ALL Incorrect Citations, Not Just Top 50 Sites