Each Website Management Plan includes Content Edits. The amount of time you receive is based on the Plan you choose. Here’s what’s included:

  • Adding, Changing or Removing pictures provided by you to your website
  • Resizing your images or cropping them
  • Adding, Changing or Removing links to your website
  • Adding, Changing or Removing videos provided by you to your website
  • Adding, Changing or Removing pdf files or documents to your website
  • Changing colors or layouts to any current pages on your website
  • Replacing or changing logos provided by you to your website
  • Updating contact information or other text on your website
  • Renaming files or optimizing file names for Search Engines
  • Updating your meta keywords, page titles, or descriptions for Search Engines
  • Generating a sitemap for search engines to more easily navigate your site
  • Updating inventory, pricing, or quantities of inventory items to your shopping cart software
  • Adding blog posts to your existing blog

What’s not included:

Graphic Design, Copy-writing, PHP, javascript or other server side code work, Search engine submissions, Website design and creation, Article submission. We can offer these services upon quote request. Simply send us a ticket through your GreenixMedia Support Hub.