What our Awesome Clients are saying about us at GreenixMedia

When we set aside a time to work on the website together they always responded promptly and let us know what was going on with the website. They were very nice and walked me through many steps and informed me of what can be done on the website. They even offered to just shoot them an email afterwards with any questions and they would help as best as they could without charging.

Meredith has great design skills, is very communicative, and will stick with you to tackle any curveballs in the website conversion process. Will 100% continue using her company for hosting and further dev!

Client Reviews 2
Destin Whitehurst

Whenever we need assistance with our website, we look to Meredith at GreenixMedia. We know that we can rely on her expertise, her attention to detail, her commitment to completing each project and willingness to troubleshoot and resolve any unexpected issues that may arise. With her positive attitude, patience and professionalism, it is always a pleasure working with Meredith.

Meredith was fantastic. She was responsive, understood our needs, and kept us informed about the progress of the website.

If you're looking for a freelancer to work with, I would highly suggest Meredith.

WOW!! Did we get lucky with Meredith! She's a total rockstar! She helped us revamp our theme on our blog and was incredible helpful in keeping us in the loop with everything she was doing. I'm not a WordPress genius, but she is just about the closest thing to one! Thanks Meredith! I'm coming to you again soon for future work!

Client Reviews 6
Ryan Carmody

Greenix, and their staff, especially Meredith, have been phenomenal.

They have helped us with securing our sites, template designs, overflow management, a much needed complete restructuring of our YTT forum, and SEO, just to name a few.

I highly recommend this team as a solution for any company's web needs.

Client Reviews 8
Paul M. Jerard III

Meredith is amazing! She knows what she is doing and helped us with our new WordPress theme so quickly. We will definitely be working with her in the future.

Customer Testimonial
Amada Depalma

Meredith at GreenixMedia is great to deal with and very good at what she does, which is my case is fixing web things that I break! I can highly recommend them.

Client Reviews 11
Mike Kearney

We are happy to have found Blake at GreenixMedia! He has been a lifesaver with getting our e-commerce page to run smoothly! My customers online shopping experience is much faster and super easy! His willingness to help and answer questions is unlike any other web support company we've tried!

Client Reviews 13
Leigh Anne Thompson

Meredith's expertise resolved long-standing problems with my site, especially re latency, that other developers had tried and failed to resolve.

She's responsive, knowledge, patient, and easy to work with.

This was my first website experience and a bit stressful. I was so glad to find Meredith at GreenixMedia as she made me feel comfortable right away and made the process straightforward, working quickly and with great communication. I feel she truly cared about me and my project and I’ll definitely seek her help again when I need it.

Client Reviews 16
Shawna Timmerman

I really enjoy working with Meredith at GreenixMedia; she is very responsive and easy to work with. Whenever there is a problem, she gets on it right away. I can't say enough about them.

Blake and the GreenixMedia Team is wonderful to work with. Conscientious, professional, honest and very knowledgeable.

Customer Testimonial
Happy SEO Client

I started using Greenix for the design of my website. They did an amazing job. Easy process. They implemented all my ideas and made it even better than I expected. Because that went so great now they do all my backend from hosting to backup. Money well spent!

Client Reviews 20
Troy Stende
Qi Breathing

Even though it was a short project we enjoyed working with Blake and appreciate his great help! Thanks!

Customer Testimonial
Website SEO Client

The level of professionalism is exceptional! GreenixMedia really saved our online business and presence....We have been working with them for the past five months or so, and (UNLIKE) every other web company we worked with before them...They have continued to deliver, not just in a timely manner but most of the time ahead of schedule, Never to disappoint. It was one of the best choices our company has made this year! Thank you, Blake and the rest of the GreenixMedia team.

Client Reviews 23
Laura Purnell
RIE Hair Boutique

I have loved working with GreenixMedia! They were quick and helpful with getting my site redesign up and running.

I've also had some really custom or unique requests and Meredith has found a solution every time!

While the redesign is done, I still hire GreenixMedia from time to time to help with changes we need. They are fantastic!

I frequently refer people to them for web design needs because they have been wonderful to work with. I'd highly recommend them!

Meredith and the team are the best! My site is amazing and gets the traffic I needed! True pros who work hard to deliver exactly what you need!

Client Reviews 27
Regina McMichael

Meredith and the GreenixMedia team EXCEEDED expectations with helping me and my company revamp our whole website. Communication was very easy, and she was always pretty urgent via email in addressing all the questions and comments we had regarding our website. We were able to get on the same page with EVERYTHING right from the get go, and I 10/10 recommend her to any individual and/or company looking to do website design/development/revamp!!!

Client Reviews 29
Chad Jacob
Chapman Baseball Compound

Meredith is great to work with! Very professional, knowledgable, patient and easy-going too. I would highly recommend her. I have already referred her to a couple of my friends.

Client Reviews 31
Mary Naples

Meredith is great to work with! She understands the needs of her client immediately and is very helpful too!! I am very happy with my website. All my clients appreciate the website and my client base has increased steadily ever since the website was created a little over a year ago!

Meredith is a stellar web designer/developer! She was very professional and punctual with deadlines. Meredith was able to transform our website beyond our expectations. Would highly recommend her work/services.

Customer Testimonial
Kamil Makhnejia

Stop what you are doing right now and check out GreenixMedia. I love this company. They were instrumental in taking my wacked out website and creating one that is easy and flexible for my growing business. I highly recommend!

Client Reviews 36
MA Ande

Greenix are great. awesome service and always super quick to respond to any queries

Blake was excellent to work with, quick communicator, great understanding of wordpress and SEO practices, would highly recommend.

Customer Testimonial
Satisfied SEO Client

Meredith's website design, hosting and SEO firm has been and continues to provide excellent service. I highly recommend them.

I have used GreenixMedia for years and have had excellent service. Meredith and her team are so helpful! They are working behind the scenes making my one of my businesses biggest assets (my website) run smoothly. If ever an issue they are so responsive and helpful.

Client Reviews 43
Amber De La Garza

GreenixMedia has provided everything I expect from a web development service: Prompt, professional, friendly, producing quality work at a reasonable price. This has been an excellent experience and I absolutely recommend them.

Customer Testimonial
Karen Seroussi
Dietary Interventions

Meredith knows her stuff and literally walked me through every aspect of the project I myself didn't understand! Patient, diligent, and super kind; will definitely work with her again!